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PODS Reviews

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  • Sarasota County isnt long distance

    I am told that because you sold franchises to someone else you have to charge me $1,100 to deliver my pod from Tampa to my new house in Sarasota county? I also found out that PODS has a storage facility in this same county (Englewood, Sarasota County) which they could easily move my two containers to and allow me to have accesss to my property. Please someone at PODS please allow my property and my containers to be delivered to my home which is only 88 miles south of where you picked it up. More...
  • Denied claim

    I was told the insurance would cover my goods in the event they were damaged during shipment, but the claim for my damaged TV was denied due to "normal shifting". I have spent and am spending A LOT of money for this service and I am disappointed that the insurance I am paying for won't even cover my goods. I will not be using this service again and every chance I get to tell someone about my experience, I will do so. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Unfair charge

    I paid over $6000 to have my POD delivered from FLorida to California. On my final delivery to my destination they charged me $96-which was never discussed with me when I signed a contract. I think I paid more than enough. Also they moved my POD from Northern Ca to Southern, Ca without giving me any notice. I found out by chance when I needed to make a reservation to get access to it. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Will Not Deliver

    Moved to South Florida from Washington DC last month and did not have a place to move into at first. PODs told me that they would hold my unit in storage in till I had an address to deliver the POD to. Now They say they will not deliver to a Boca Raton Zip code. Boca Raton is one of the major populated areas in Florida. If PODS does not deliver to a major area, then they need to disclose that in the sales and contract process. NOW I have to PAY a moving company to unload the POD and put into a truck to be delivered to my new address. They refuse to be helpful. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Won't Deliver

    I was living in St. Clairsville, OH and got a POD because I didn't know where I was going to end up living. Locums job. I just found out I am moving to Erie, PA which is 2 hours away from Pittsburgh where the unit is stored (St. Clairsville is 1.5 hours away). PODs informs me that they cannot move the POD to Erie and tells me I must hire my own truck to come to the facility and unload all my stuff, put it in my own truck, and drive it myself to Erie. They refuse to be helpful. Erie is the 4th largest city in PA and they don't deliver to it? ? I thought they delivered across the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Lousy Service

    We resently moved from Colorado to Washington.We thought we make it easiser on us by contacting PODS and let them move us,instead of U-Haul.Since my Husband is a diabled Vet.and cant do much anymore from the injuries he recieved while serving in the millitary. Well let me tell you that was the biggest Mistake ever.First we called PODS and talked to the Regional Manager named Mark,he explained to us how PODS works. And I Quote:You pay a deposit Fee of $500 dollars and give them a date and they drop of the POD on the reqested date,when you are done Loading call again and they pick it up and... More...
  • Please pick up your POD!

    We moved to Kansas City several months ago, and secured delivery of a POD over the phone and via mobile phone site. I called customer service to schedule a pick up. The customer service rep wouldn't talk to me without a pin #. I never established a pin #, although I did have a bill right in front of me. I gave the rep my name, address,customer number, container number, container size, and offered to provide my checking account # & routing number from my last check and my first child as a sacrifice, but he still would not schedule pick up without a pin. This really seemed like a... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Over billing

    My account has been seriously overbilled the past year. Extra charges for nothing to keep my balance high! Charges closely matching my over payment of my monthly bill to bring down my balance are almost matched to the dollar on my next bill so my balance doesn't go down. My original monthly bill raised by $50.00 after I was late and them my monthly bill seemed to almost double every month after that. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Lack of pod delivery and no notification

    My pod were to be delivered Friday, May 11 between 2 and 5 PM. I called at 6 and was told they could not get a hold of the driver but the pod should be delivered that night. Called again a few hours later. I got the same response but they also indicated that there was nothing in the order to suggest that the pod would not be delivered. I called again after 10:00 pm but they were closed. Saturday morning. I called at 6:00 AM but the site manager (Fort Worth) was not in yet. He would be in at 7:00. Call back then. I called back at 7. The site manager was not answering. I called back at... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Moving this week

    I'm moving from Manitoba to California this week (Feb 20-25,2012) - about 2000 miles. I love the idea of packing my stuff up in a pod and having someone else drive it down while I fly. With all the negative review of PODS, though, I'm having servious reservations and now considering hiring a UHaul and driving down myself. The quote I received from PODS is about $4600 and this includes a ***$500.00*** fee to cross the border. I need that to be explained to me. I've driven across the border many many times. You give them a list of the contents, they review it, sometimes... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Move cancelled, full charges incurred.

    I was charged over $6300 after having a POD for two weeks. I set up a move, then had to cancel/delay it until next year. I canceled it well in advance and talked to PODS frequently. The $6300 charges included months of storage time. I am NOT IMPRESSED since this was a blatant money grab and appears to be some sort of moving scam. I am starting legal action on this since I've been told I musty pay at least $600 even if some of my payment has been refunded. I have complained to Mastercard and indicated the charges were not even per the agreed upon payment schedule if I had gone ahead... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
  • Overcharged Customer Service

    We used Pods to move from Atlanta, GA to St. Paul, MN. At the time of booking we were given a total price for the complete move which we were told included delivery of the Pod to our place in Atlanta, removal to a storage facility, one month of storage, and mileage and delivery to MN. At that time we did not know our exact final delivery zip code or our exact date of delivery - we told the booking representative this. He told us that he would put in a "temporary zip code and delivery date," and assured us that these could be changed later with no change to our fees. We called... More...
  • Billing

    I will give credit where credit is due. First off I can say that PODS delivered my container in a timely fashion, and everytime I called them, their customer service was up to par and friendly. So I received my POD on December 30 and it was re-dilivered to their warehouse for storage until February 4th, then it would be picked up February 7th for the FINAL pick up and that would be the end of the contract, so I payed the monthly rental for Dec 30 to January 31 of 106.95, then my bank account was charged another full 106.95 for Feb.1st to Feb. 7th. I don't understand how I'm paying... More...
  • Complaint

    As I type this I am sitting on a bare floor of my new house. PODS has just called me and told me they have to reschedule our delivery for three days. I scheduled this delivery date THREE MONTHS AGO and called several times the past week to ensure the delivery date was still set. PODS was supposed to call last night and confirm delivery time, never did. We knew at that point there was a problem and have been calling since 8:00 this morning trying to figure out what is going on. Can only talk to the HQ in FL, you cannot get in contact with ANYONE at the local distribution centers, PODS... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • No delivery and no notice.

    Tony Virtue, who represented himself as the owner of the Reno Pods, is a liar. After moving cross country, the items didn't arrive the day they were supposed to arrive. Also, no one called to let us no they were going to be late or not arrive until two days later. Without notice, Pods decided to change when my items would arrive. No phone call or discussion. When we contacted this manager Anthony Tony Virtue, it was Saturday around Noon, and you could hear the bar and casino in the background. He stated that the trucks didn't arrive until Saturday. However the corporate office... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Poor customer service

    Just a word of advice--revamp your customer service mantra. If your truck breaks down and you know your delivery is going to be HOURS late, how about giving the customer a quick phone call? No, we had to wait ALL day, costing lost wages, because you guys don't care. Just because you don't guarantee ETA, doesn't relieve you of the responsibility of good customer service. And by the way, your customer service agents are rude. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • double dipping

    PODS TOOK $755 from me twice on the final billing. It cost me over $2000 to have PODS move 4 of their containers 65 miles not including the fact they took $755 twice. One was in the form of a check as I did not trust their accounting and the same day the placed a charge in the same amount on the credit card they required up front at the time I contacted them. More...
  • PODS misinformed me

    PODS has had a container of mine with the contents of my house for 9 months now. When I went to schedule delivery of this container to my new address, I called their customer center and was advised by a rep that I only owed $15. Although I thought all monies were paid at the beginning of the contract ($468), I agreed to pay that amount. When I called back to firm-up the delivery, a second representative first advised me that I owed the $15. Later in the conversation, he retracted and said "wait a minute, I am confused" and put me on hold. She then advised she thought I owed more... More...
  • Damage Claim

    Damage claim denied. POD states these items were damaged due to shifting of contents. Lots of damages but only put in claim for one item that was recently purchased. All items in this POD looked terrible upon entering my POD. Exactly how well do we have to tie them down? Insurance should be addressed further upon rental of POD. They say on the phone your contents are covered under this insurance but they dont say it only covers explosions, water, aircraft and other acts of nature which are unlikely to occur to this POD. What about a bad driver? I watched with my own eyes, this guy... More...
  • Worst Customer Service Anywhere

    I have never been more dissatisfied with a service or been treated worse than I have with PODS of Cayce, South Carolina. I understand from them that they are a franchise of PODS, how in the world do you let someone like them represent your business? When we hire the PODS company in Grand Rapids Michigan, they were polite and they deliverd our POD the next day. We loaded it in one day and called and they came right out and picked it up, after that day, when the money was received and our possessions were taken, the customer service end of this business ended. In Cayce South Carolina, they... More...
  • Delivery date not honored

    After talking to customer service this morning it became apparent that PODs central has no control over the local PODs sites to adjust delivery schedules and won't give out the phone numbers to the local PODs handlers. The local PODs sites have total control over delivery schedules which puts the consumer at considerable risk as each individual PODs site schedules as they wish. For us that means the delivery date we were promised by PODs central wasn't honored by the local PODs site. We hired movers and now will have to pay a cancelation fee and try to find new movers as the... More...


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