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PODS Reviews

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  • Terrible Business Practices and Useless Customer Service

    First and LAST time I will use PODS.The only positive experience I had with them was with the drop off and pickup. Other than that, I have spent the last 8 months fighting with them over billing. For a service that you pay $220 a month for, you would expect MUCH MUCH better back end system that wouldn't randomly charge your bank account for stuff that had already been paid for 6 months prior. I almost hated getting out of bed to check my bank account and POD account because I knew it would result in me having to call customer service and have them "fix the issue" by... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Descendent250's Picture   Descendent250    0 Comments   Comments
  • Money Pit

    At first, I was very happy with PODS as their quote was reasonable as compared to traditional movers. However, once you get into their system (receive the POD), it becomes a game of constant changes in price and phone calls with customer service. While I have to give PODS credit for resolving my issues as we went along, it was only because the additional costs they tried to get me to pay were wrongfully charged due to their own employee's mistake. I spent numerous hours on the phone with PODS throughout my experience and finally ended with yet another fee/charge tacked on at the end... More...
    huusko81's Picture   huusko81    0 Comments   Comments
  • PODS - Charged More Than Quoted

    I have successfully used PODS three times over the last five years. The first time was amazingly successful. The next time was fairly good but the customer service wasn't as great as before. This time they charged MORE than quoted and when I called back to get it corrected the guy was less than helpful. He just stated I was charged the right amount and they would have to set up an inquiry to review the calls. I was told just yesterday it would be about $70 less than what they charged. If he had access to the calls why couldn't he just retrieve the call while I was on the phone and... More...
    stcbrantley's Picture   stcbrantley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moving Day

    While our personal belongings arrived safe I have some issues with the way bookings are done on line... confusing web site and the live people seem to have an edge to them when you need them to be accommodating instead! All in all things worked out and I am glad for that. I did save money by using this system when compared to using a moving company, (which we did use,) and the moving company broke/damaged some of our stuff where PODS didnt'. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    audnme's Picture   audnme    0 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Billing issues

    I was very happy with the pick up of my POD as well as the initial drop off but I am so disappointed in the fact that I called in today to schedule to get my things out of storage and they informed me that I had to pay the entire month although I am picking up my items two days after the billing is due. The rep told me that she can't do anything about that and that the location that i am stored at has no options for prorates and if I don't pay the month, they may not let me get my things... The killer part is I have been paying them over a year and I recommended them to others... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    dralexan525's Picture   dralexan525    2 Comments   Comments
  • not rain friendly

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. What a great idea when your moving or so I thought. The delivery was smooth nice guy dropped it off. We had it for a couple weeks and ONE day it rained. It flooded the bottom of our POD ruining a lifetime of books most of which cannot be replaced. There customer service response was "sorry" and as much I appreciate the apology it does not bring my things back. Wish I would have known they were not weather proof. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Happy with everything except their billing

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I was happy with everything except their billing policy. This is regarding the fact that they do not prorate for a partial month when the pod is delivered. Although it is clearly stated in their FAQ, it really bothers me that since I need to keep the pod two days longer than my billing period I will need to pay a full month's rent. Because of this policy, I have changed from someone who would definitely recommend their service to any friend to someone who will not recommend their service. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    LouC547's Picture   LouC547    2 Comments   Comments
  • Overcharging, late delivery, unable to get questions answered,

    PODS failed to deliver as scheduled, I rescheduled, they called to say I would have to pay $300 for ANTS - my belongings had been in storage for year with no ants, nothing in my goods to attracts, refused to deliver without my paying, would not tell me what they used to fumigate I am a Senior with asthma so it is imperative that I know what is on my belongings. They are 5 days late, I still don't have a confirmed delivery date, and they will not let me talk to anyone except people at their phone bank and it's a different one every day Can anyone help? More...
    (Delivery Services)
    donnaleigh's Picture   donnaleigh    2 Comments   Comments
  • PODS didn,t do what they said they would

    Ordering the pod and having it delivered to our home in PA was ok. I was to get a call for the ETA in PA, I never received that call nor did I receive a call for the ETA in FL. I had to call both times. The gentleman that picked up the pod in PA was very rude. They told me that I didn't have to be there when they picked it up, but he kept calling me to find our house and didn't even know what road he was on for me to give him directions. I called and spoke to a supervisor, waste of my time. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    cnasmile125's Picture   cnasmile125    1 Comments   Comments
  • Moving from Canada to US

    I'm moving from Manitoba to California this week (Feb 20-25,2012) - about 2000 miles. I love the idea of packing my stuff up in a pod and having someone else drive it down while I fly. With all the negative review of PODS, though, I'm having servious reservations and now considering hiring a UHaul and driving down myself. The quote I received from PODS is about $4600 and this includes a ***$500.00*** fee to cross the border. I need that to be explained to me. I've driven across the border many many times. You give them a list of the contents, they review it, sometimes... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Alisemaria's Picture   Alisemaria    1 Comments   Comments
  • Miscommunication

    We were so excited last year when we decided to move and spoke to PODS about our options. I was pregnant so I had lots of help with the packing. I have now gave birth to a baby who is now a year old so there are clothes and baby supplies in the POD that we never used. Alex seems to be the only rep we can get to speak to. As helpful as he is we have yet to get our POD delivered. It was recently moved closer to our new home which is great but the driver who made the delivery attempt the first time in 2010 told us that he could drop it off in the morning and then come back to pick up the empty... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    dngjl's Picture   dngjl    1 Comments   Comments
  • Convenient but stressful

    I loved how PODS moved all my items for me since I had no place to live immediately upon arriving in my new city. Having them store the POD for me worked out great. All that was just what I was wanting and expecting. However, I have three complaints: 1) My initial pick-up location had a very small drive-way because I lived in a townhouse with others connected to mine. I shared a driveway with someone else. I talked to PODS customer service several times on the phone to determine if they could drop it in my driveway or not. They gave me measurements needed to fit a POD into my... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jkersey8's Picture   jkersey8    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mostly good, but still had some issues

    We had three PODS containers delievered, one at a time for our cross country move. The experience was great with the initial deliveries and container swaps and everything made it to our final destination with no issues. However, when the last container was delivered, the driver did not put it where he was supposed to. We had instructions to put the container on the left side of our 3 dar driveway. instead this driver put it in the middle of the right side of our driveway blocking one of our vehicles in the garage. I called and spoke with the driver and he ensured he would be back... More...
    msdavidus's Picture   msdavidus    0 Comments   Comments
  • POD Payment Fraud

    Beware of PODS, at least in the Southeast states. We have paid $75 a month for 18 months, via withdrawal from our Credit Union account as per agreement. Today (27 Aug 2011), a PODS moving truck came up, stopped, and the driver literally banged on our door, claimed we were three months behind in payments, advised us that our POD was up for auction, and we had ten minutes to call PODS or pay one month's fee, or he would have to remove the POD for auction. 27 Aug 2011 Being a Saturday, of course, no one at PODS management is in until the following next workday, Monday. While... More...
    JRTENN's Picture   JRTENN    6 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Review

    PODS has a couple of drawbacks: 1) PODS schedule their dropoffs and pickups the day prior to the dropoff or pickup...so the customer doesn't know in advance when their POD will arrive or be picked up. This makes it impossible to hire help to pack or unpack your POD because you don't know if the POD will arrive at 7:30AM or 5:00PM. Conceivably, your POD could be dropped off after 5:00PM and picked up the next morning at 7:30AM... Yup, unpacking a POD all night in the dark is "Convenient"! 2) Everyone I have spoken to has understimated the size and number of PODS... More...
    wagnet's Picture   wagnet    2 Comments   Comments
  • No Pro Rate

    I will give credit where credit is due. First off I can say that PODS delivered my container in a timely fashion, and everytime I called them, their customer service was up to par and friendly. So I received my POD on December 30 and it was re-dilivered to their warehouse for storage until February 4th, then it would be picked up February 7th for the FINAL pick up and that would be the end of the contract, so I payed the monthly rental for Dec 30 to January 31 of 106.95, then my bank account was charged another full 106.95 for Feb.1st to Feb. 7th. I don't understand how I'm paying... More...
    UNITSisbetter's Picture   UNITSisbetter    2 Comments   Comments
  • Local Review

    I went into the local PODS in Corpus Christi, TX after looking it up online. I wanted to see the business before I contacted PODS as I had heard that the local businesses are tough to deal with. I went in and a gentleman directed me to the office. The man who I was to speak to was on the phone and could not help over hearing his conversation and he was selling insurance. I cleared my throat after 10 minutes and he asked me to wait a moment. Five minutes later he got off the phone. Told him why I was here and he told me to communicate with the national office and gave me the 800 number.... More...
    Shells89's Picture   Shells89    2 Comments   Comments
  • Like the container, not the company

    In theory, PODS seemed like a good idea. You can take your time moving your stuff in and out of the POD instead of having of rushing to get the moving done in one day, and you don't have to drive a big truck that you aren't used to driving. The ceiling of the POD allowed for light to come through, so that made moving things in a little better. Also, the low ground clearance of the POD is nice, so that's why I'm giving them a 'Try Harder', though I wouldn't use their services again. What I did not find out ahead of time was that in certain not so... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    saynotopods's Picture   saynotopods    1 Comments   Comments
  • bad experience

    I set up PODS for my elderly parents for their move. PODS delivered the POD very late and also delivered supplies we didn't order but didn't ask my dad if he wanted the extra supplies. They also billed us for blankets we did not order or receive. We took back all the extra supplies to the Sacramento PODS. I made several calls that took hours trying to get them credit for the blankets they didn't receive and for the supplies we returned. Very incompetent help on the phone and would never hear back from them again. It has been over a year now. However, when we canceled... More...
    khiggins's Picture   khiggins    2 Comments   Comments
  • Use Caution

    I found the local staff courteous and helpfui. However, billing, quotes, communication, misrepresentation was done by the US parent company. Get quotes in writing (they reneged on 4th month free special). If booking by phone, tape it. Double check billing. Credit card charged for month I paid by cheque. Local staff unable to intervene, billing is handled in the US. Found it frustrating I couldn't deal with the local staff more (who provided excellent service). Reservations etc, all routed through the US. This company definitely needs a Canadian HO, and Canadian customer... More...
    mcleila's Picture   mcleila    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pods Probably Not Recommend

    My Experience with PODS To begin, I was moving my entire household from a Los Angeles location to another in Orange County, California which involved a pickup – storage and access – final delivery. My initial calls for set up and delivery went pretty smooth, although I found quickly that there was very little you can do on your website. Almost all appointments require a phone call, 20 minute hold, verification of ID and password. I was, and still am, very uncomfortable giving out passwords over an unsecure phone line. Also, I found the logon ID preset as a customer... More...
    Larr2000's Picture   Larr2000    1 Comments   Comments


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